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How one plucky mare beat ulcers to reach competitive stardom

Professional groom Shaun Malpass is the proud owner of nine-year-old chestnut mare, Boomerang, stable name ‘Boom’.

How to treat and help prevent gastric ulcers

As the horse’s digestive system was designed for roaming the Great Plains and eating almost constantly, the key to managing our domesticated companions is to mimic nature as closely as possible.

Prevent ulcers from developing or recurring

How and why do our horses get gastric ulcers?

Our horses wild ancestors evolved as ‘trickle feeders’. They grazed the Great Plains in their wild herds, eating constantly and resting intermittently, only galloping to escape the odd predator!

The risks and symptoms of Gastric Ulcers

Over the coming weeks we will be discussing gastric ulcers; a common but often preventable and treatable condition;

  1. The risks and what to look out for
  2. How and why do our horses get them?
  3. How we can prevent and treat them
  4. Success! Owner experiences

The risks and what to look out for;